About Sten Gazette

What the Heck is a Sten Gazette?

It’s often said that Freedom of the Press belongs to the guy who owns the press. There is a lot of truth in that, and we are living in a dangerous age when a few powerful media-moguls own nearly all of the presses.

But nobody owns the Internet, despite the best efforts of software corporations, phone companies, and governments. Just about anybody can own his own press now, and exercise the rights of Free Speech and Press. This journal is intended to be a free-wheeling, wide-ranging commentary on “issues,” life in general, or any other topic that strikes the publisher’s fancy.

The name Sten Gazette comes from the Russian word for a “Wall Newspaper.”

The German equivalent is “wandzeitung.”

Wall newspapers have been used historically for propaganda purposes, so there is no little irony in the usage of this mode occasionally for “antiprop” purposes. Our intention is to provide a vehicle for free expression similar to historical “undergound” publications.

So think of us as a broadsheet pasted on a brick wall in the street, available to casual passersby and unrestricted in content. Best of all your comments can become a part of it although we reserve the right to have our contributors vette your comments. Is that censorship? You bet– just like a print newspaper, which censors its letters to the editor and decides which ones to print. After all, freedom of this press belongs to StenGazette.org and if you don’t like it, well, it’s easy enough to start your own!