Ridiculous Editorial Cartoon

An editorial cartoon in today’s Denver Post is ridiculous and irritating. It is a blatant propagandist approach to the issue of Supreme Court appointments, from a conservative point of view. It suggests that progressives’ belief that the Constitution is a “living document” means that the Constitution can be “interpreted” any way you like. So it is an editorial “comment” on several issues– judicial activisim, Constitutional interpretation vs “strict construction,” and Supreme Court appointments, to name three. Here’s the cartoon in its original form (click to enlarge):

Fortunately it’s very easy to turn it around to say that it is conservatives who want to modify and interpret the Constitution…


The cartoon appeared on the “Open Forum” page, which is the editor’s selection and arrangement of letters to the editor. Here’s where it gets a bit odd– if the cartoon had been printed last week, it may have had some relevance to the topics discussed in the “forum.” But today the featured topic was the evolution/creationism/ID debate, along with letters on a smattering of other more or less timely topics. But there was no reference at all to constitutional issues, progressivism, judicial appointments, or any other theme implied by the cartoon. So let’s “evolve” the cartoon one step more and see if we can make it relevant to the rest of the page:



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One Response to “Ridiculous Editorial Cartoon”

  1. Old Nate Says:

    I think it well describes the thinking of the Damn Dominators.

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