And Sometimes, a Cigar is a…

During Donald Rumsfeld’s surprise visit to Iraq on Christmas Eve, he was given a couple of Christmas presents by the troops. It’s taken this long to verify the details via reputable news sources, and they aren’t telling the whole story. Here is the way AP reported it–

AP (various sources) In Fallujah, one soldier gave Rumsfeld a cigar he claimed had been part of a “stash” held by Saddam Hussein. Rumsfeld laughed and said, “I love it.”

CBS News was a little closer to the facts of the matter:

CBS NEWS “This is a cigar from Saddam Hussein, and this is one from an insurgent’s stash, remarked a soldier as he handed them over. Rumsfeld quickly pocketed them, saying, “I love it! I love it!”

And here’s what really happened, according to our transcript of the video which was shown on TV late Christmas Eve:

The soldier handed Rummy a cigar, saying “This is from Saddam’s private stash.” Then he handed Rummy a lighter and said “This is from an insurgent in Fallujah. He won’t be smoking any more.” Rummy quickly shoved them into his pants pockets and did indeed say “I love it. I love it.”

OK, Mr. Rumsfeld, two questions:

1. Do you really love receiving the proceeds of looting and corpse-robbing?

2. Aren’t those still war crimes? Or is that just part of the quaint and out-of-date Geneva Conventions?

And a question for AP and CBS… Why did you so blatantly distort this?

Finally, for the rest of the Media… Why didn’t you report it?


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3 Responses to “And Sometimes, a Cigar is a…”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Are you still pissed about the election? Sounds like sour grapes to me

  2. A proud veteran of an earlier war Says:

    Huh? What the hell are you talking about. Last I heard nobody elected Rummy. And what’s with the “sour grapes” comment, which I am sick of hearing sleazy gloating Bushies who seem to think that now the election is over, all the issues have been decided. Probably you think Bush has some kind of a “mandate” well you need to re-read Aesop when you are done with the dictionary. The election may be over but the issues are still issues.

    It’s not ok to torture people. it’s not ok to pay journalists to spread propaganda. It’s not ok to loot another country that you have invaded. It is most certainly not ok to steal souvenirs from the bodies of fallen soldiers, no matter what side they are on. Period.

  3. SG Says:

    Shirley, we wondered what your comment had to do with the story, which simply reports an event that most Americans (we hope) would find extremely distasteful. We may indeed be guilty of “sour grapes” from time to time, but certainly not over the election. We don’t recall any Democratic supporters suggesting that the Presidency is probably “sour.”

    And for the record, we are not “still pissed about the election,” as you so elegantly put it. We were “pissed” about a number of Government policies long before the election. That same Government (only moreso) continues to provide us with lots of things to be pissed about. This comment is written early on the Martin Luther King holiday, and yes– we’re still pissed about that too.

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